The TRP-1000 provides radio interoperability during missions requiring communications between organizations using different radios and frequencies. The system package consists of one or more transportable cases and includes multiple radios pre-wired to Raytheon’s ACU-1000 or ACU-2000 IP units.

The TRP-1000 is completely self-contained with radios, antenna, power supplies, and the ACU-1000 or ACU-2000 IP mounted in transportable cases. The system can be set up and operating in minutes to resolve the common interoperability problems of inter-jurisdictional communications.

TRP-1000 Benefits/Features:

  • Reliable DSP-based speech recognizing VOX
  • Adjustable audio delay compensation for trunking systems
  • Modular design for ease of maintenance
  • Real-time direct communications between multiple radio and telephones
  • Radio and telephone users control system via DTMF
  • PIN security built-in
  • Local control via Windows-based computer program
  • Quickly configurable to meet mission requirements