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Tomahawk Cruise Missile


Modern, Mature, Powerful

Today's Tomahawk Block IV cruise missile can circle for hours, shift course instantly on command and beam a picture of its target to controllers halfway around the world before striking with pinpoint accuracy.

Tomahawk can be launched from a ship or submarine and can fly into heavily defended airspace more than 1,000 miles away to conduct precise strikes on high-value targets with minimal collateral damage. Launching the weapon from such a long distance helps to keep sailors out of harm's way.

USS Arleigh Burke launches Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles to combat ISIL. Play Video

USS Arleigh Burke launches Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles to combat ISIL.

The Tomahawk is a highly accurate, GPS enabled precision weapon that has been used over 2,000 times in combat, and flight tested more than 500 times.

During the NATO-led effort against the regime of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi in 2011, Tomahawk played an instrumental role in the operation. One submarine fired more than 90 missiles at a variety of targets, and the USS Barry fired the 2,000th Tomahawk in combat.

As the battlespace and the needs of the warfighter evolve, Raytheon is doing what it has always done: supporting the warfighter with the world's most advanced cruise missile – Tomahawk.

Tomahawk cruise missiles have flown more than 2,000 combat missions.
Tomahawk cruise missiles have flown more than 2,000 combat missions.

The latest variant (Tomahawk Block IV) includes a two-way satellite data-link that enables the missile to be retargeted in flight to preprogrammed, alternate targets. In 2013, Raytheon delivered the 3000th Tomahawk Block IV missile to the U.S. Navy. The Block IV design was initiated as both a cost savings and a capability improvement effort.

Raytheon and the U.S. Navy are now enhancing this already sophisticated weapon. Planned upgrades to the Tomahawk Block IV include: upgraded communications, a more powerful warhead, and a new seeker designed to hit moving targets at sea or on land in darkness and all kinds of weather.

Modernizing Tomahawk is quick and affordable way to provide warfighters with the capability they need to stay ahead of the threat.

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Tomahawk Missile Flight Testing Play Video

Tomahawk Missile Flight Testing

Tomahawk Maritime Interdiction Play Video

Tomahawk Maritime Interdiction

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Tomahawk Current Capabilities

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