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Raytheon Develops Tactical Intelligence Resource for U.S. Army
29 Sep, 2009

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From the joint and coalition warfighters and commanders to healthcare, law enforcement, and other mobile workers the ability to access and share critical data across communications networks – accurately, securely and in near real-time – is critical. They must be able to communicate whether they are stationary or on the move; independent of a device or network platform; or in disadvantaged environments. The challenges of doing this successfully are immense.

Raytheon understands these challenges and possesses the technical capabilities derived from decades of experience in developing, implementing and supporting proven, information-centric infrastructures.

Raytheon is pioneering a new application known as Tactical Hand-Off Using Nearest Database/DCGS Resource (THUNDR) to meet the need for secure communications. THUNDR runs on a standard laptop and allows greater mobility for intelligence collection and dissemination in today's various operational environments. THUNDR enables mobile employees to access, exploit and update critical information from multiple resources while on the move and in difficult communication environments.

For military applications, THUNDR allows greater mobility for intelligence collection and dissemination by military and special operations units and echelons at battalion and below. This provides warfighters access to intelligence data, maps, images, video and information at their fingertips, with updated information in near real-time as the mission allows.

Key Features

  • Allows the safe, real-time receipt and upload of critical information. This allows tactical decisions to be based on the most reliable and current information possible.
  • Takes advantage of sharing information developed at multiple locations by multiple contributors.
  • Takes advantage of existing database capabilities to gather and share information.
  • Maneuver units receive self-tailored data.
  • Accommodates in and out-of-network operations.
  • Easy to use map-centric applications and user interfaces.
  • Military Users: THUNDR client easily operates on the associated DIB Server.



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