The THAAD Radar System is part of a strong, coordinated defense against incoming theater ballistic missiles.

The Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) System is the upper tier of the Army's two-tier Theater Missile Defense Concept. The wide-area, higher-altitude protection of the THAAD System interfaces with the lower-tier Patriot System.

An integral part of the THAAD System, the THAAD radar is an X-band, phased array, solid-state radar. It supports the long-range functional requirements of the THAAD mission by delivering high power output and exceptional beam/waveform agility.

The THAAD program is developing a complete integrated weapon system, including launchers, missiles, radar, computers, and battle management command and control. The elements of the system work in concert to detect, identify, assign, and destroy incoming theater ballistic missiles.

In addition to the THAAD radar, Raytheon provides weapons systems engineering and Battle Management Command, Control, Communication, and Information (BMC3I) support for the program.

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