Stunner is an advanced, multi-mission, multi-platform interceptor designed for integration into current and planned air and missile defense systems.

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Watch David's Sling in action: First interception.

Developed by Raytheon Company and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Stunner provides defense against a variety of short-range ballistic missiles, large-caliber rockets, cruise missiles and unmanned aircraft systems.

Stunner redefines the performance/cost value equation for terminal missile defense with all-weather, hit-to-kill performance at a tactical missile cost.  Stunner's lethal, hit-to-kill effects ensure a wide margin of tactical overmatch against a broad spectrum of air and missile defense threats. 

RMS13 Stunner Pic

The mobile missile firing unit carries up to 12 Stunner missiles. Click here for high resolution photo.

Raytheon is also producing the Missile Firing Unit for the Stunner interceptor. The mobile, affordable MFU can carry up to 12 Stunner missiles. Raytheon is on contract to deliver four MFUs to Israel as part of a $35 million contract with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.



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