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Stinger Weapon System

Stinger Weapon System

Lightweight, Portable Air Defense

The Stinger® Weapon System provides superior air defense for today's highly mobile forces. Stinger has been combat proven in four major conflicts and has over 270 fixed wing and rotary wing kills to its credit. It is deployed in more than 18 nations and all four U.S. Military services.

Stinger-RMP (Reprogrammable Microprocessor), the current production version of Stinger, has maintained a greater than 90% success rate in reliability and training tests against advanced threat targets. The combination of supersonic speed, agility, highly accurate guidance and control system, and lethal warhead gives Stinger the operational edge against all classes of helicopters, UAVs, cruise missiles, and fixed-wing aircraft.

Stinger-RMP is a lightweight, self-contained air defense system that can be rapidly deployed on military platforms in any combat situation. Stinger-RMP missiles are used interchangeably, on helicopters for air-to-air self-defense teams for surface-to-air engagements. Immediately after launch, the gunner is free to take cover to engage additional targets, thereby maximizing his survivability and combat effectiveness.

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