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Customer Benefits

Strong SOA Governance is necessary to:

Implement rules to bring interoperability among stove-piped business processes and disparate technology platforms

Collaborate and coordinate efforts among agencies while maintaining key levels of security and access control

Optimize existing legacy systems and reuse of applications across the enterprise for better return on investment and resources

Leverage commercial SOA best-in-class solutions and secure Web services to create a user-defined operational picture

Maximize SOA infrastructure and ensure enterprise goals are achieved


Agencies and their IT teams have mounting pressures to collaborate and coordinate resources across departments, improve citizen services and implement more robust systems, all while budgets are tight and IT talent is scarce. Raytheon's Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Governance can help deliver the seemingly elusive promise of cost efficiencies, integration and interoperability.

To have agile systems that adapt to changing business requirements, you need Raytheon's SOA Governance solution to ensure quality standards are met and Web services are effectively managed.

Governance for Agility and Scope
Raytheon’s proven Governance approach enables the successful implementation of SOA and empowers agencies to respond to the nation’s changing needs. With systematic, disciplined SOA Governance, managing Web services across the enterprise becomes more effective and cost-efficient.

Governance for Interoperability and Security
Many civilian, defense and intelligence agencies work in silos and need collaborative environments that ease the share of information. With world-class expertise in security, systems engineering, architecture and program management, Raytheon has the right experience, approach and core competencies to foster a successful SOA rollout within and across agencies.

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