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SNV-12 Signal and Noise Voter

SNV-12 Signal and Noise Voter

The SNV-12 Signal-and-Noise Voter is a communication device that assures high quality radio signal transmission and retransmission across its network.

The device uses individual digital signal processors to continuously select the receiver with the lowest noise or best signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) from multiple sources. The SNV-12 then provides the "voted" output to a dispatcher and/or to a repeater for retransmission so that all users can hear the best signal, each time they communicate.


  • Independent DSP inputs vote the best voice channel
  • Up to 12 site inputs voted per chassis
  • Console interface module integrates with industry standard dispatch consoles
  • Multiple types of repeater control and transmit steering capabilities
  • Provides tone keying detection and generation
  • Repeat mode retransmits voted audio
  • Digital audio delay compensates for differences in path lengths
  • Local control plus IP, serial and parallel remote control
  • System expansion to 36 sites by daisy chaining multiple SNV-12s
  • 5.25" h by 19" w card-cage package

Case Study

SNV-12 Voters Improve China's Civil Aviation Administration Air Traffic Control and Management

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SNV-12 Datasheet


Hardware Quicksheet

Quick Start Guide

Software Downloads

Please conact us to request a software upgrade listed below or if you have any questions.

CPM-3 Module v.1.06

Accessory - PTG-10 Pilot Tone Generator


Application Note

Use of Voter Comparators to Improve Railroad Radio Communications