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Small Format Guard™

Small Format Guard™

Secure Tactical In-Theater Information Sharing

Nowhere else is data protection greater than in tactical, mobile missions involving ongoing data collection where space is limited and the risk of data integrity loss and tampering is greatest; such as aircraft (manned and unmanned), ships, and armored vehicles.

Small Format Guard™ is based on customer requirements for a small, lightweight guard requiring low-power, high throughput, and low latency that operate outside of traditional data centers. Raytheon developed Small Format Guard to support robust security protocols and be adaptable to specific mission needs where strict size, weight, power, and cooling (SWaP-C) specifications are required.

Small Format Guard enables the secure transfer of virtually any type of data, bi-directionally across any number of classified and unclassified networks – critical to mission success. A single Small Format Guard can support up to twelve different

Features and Benefits

  • Maximizes security while minimizing footprint
  • Meets requirements for size, weight, power, and cooling (SWaP-C)
  • Provides industry proven capabilities through Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software
  • Enables real-time video streaming while providing unparalleled control and auditing
  • Supports multiple application protocols and adaptability for custom interfaces
  • Provides highly customizable data validation rules for maximum flexibility
  • Supports complex web services
  • Includes Configuration Builder tool for designated missions
  • Automates transfers with no human intervention