Apr 06, 2014 US to send 2 more ships to Japan by 2017 to counter North Korea nuclear threat (FOX News)
Mar 13, 2014 Raytheon Eyes Early SM-3 IIA Builds (Aviation Week)
Mar 05, 2014 Raytheon opens new testing cell at Redstone Arsenal missile facility (AL.com)
Mar 05, 2014 Pentagon Triples Size of Raytheon's Standard Missile Contract on Wednesday (Daily Finance)
Mar 05, 2014 Raytheon wins $350 million deal for SM-3 missiles (Reuters)
June 13, 2013 U.S. Shoots Down Multiple Targets in Missile Defense Test over the Pacific (SpaceNews)
June 13, 2013 Test Success Signals Green Light For SM-3 Block IB
May 24, 2013 Faith in Raytheon missile 'growing'
May 20, 2013 Video: Watch a Navy missile interceptor scream into the sky
May 16, 2013 New Raytheon missile interceptor hits its mark
May 16, 2013 Raytheon's newest SM-3 takes out separating short-range ballistic missile target
Mar 14, 2013 Raytheon’s Datalink: A New Naval Standard for the Standard?
Feb 13, 2013 Navy takes out ballistic missile target with Raytheon's SM-3 and space sensor
Jul 25,  2012 Raytheon wins $925M contract for new missile interceptor
Jul 25,  2012 Raytheon wins $925 mln Pentagon contract for missile
Jun 27,  2012 SM-3 Block 1B Destroys Target in 2nd Straight Test Success (Space News)
Jun 27,  2012 Pearl Harbor ship conducts successful missile defense test (Star Advertiser)
Jun 27,  2012 Raytheon missile to be assembled in Huntsville destroys target in 2nd successful test (The Huntsville Times)
Jun 27,  2012 Raytheon Exec: SM-3 Block IB Missile Will Undergo Three Tests This Year (Inside the Navy)
Jun 18,  2012 Raytheon Exec: SM-3 Block IB Missile Will Undergo Three Tests This Year
Mar 22,  2012 Raytheon Wins $689M Contract from MDA
Mar 21,  2012 Pentagon adds $120 million to Raytheon missile deal
Mar 21,  2012 Raytheon Missile Production Facility On Schedule
Mar 21,  2012 Raytheon missile plant at Redstone Arsenal on schedule despite storms, federal budget worries
Sep 17,  2011 Raytheon data link 'bridges gap' with NATO
Sep 13,  2011 DSEi 2011: Raytheon highlights dual-band data link for European BMD capability