The proliferation of threats that exist today is undeniable. The perpetrators of these threats are likely to choose targets that will cause maximum terror, inflict local or worldwide economic harm, and cause loss of confidence in legitimate governing bodies.

To counter these threats, it is necessary to select an integrated solution that is designed according to the likely threat, target, value and consequence of possible attacks. Raytheon has the unique capabilities and experience to deliver.

Whether securing an oil refinery; nuclear facility; air, sea or rail port; or an entire border, Raytheon studies every aspect of the threat, the environment, our customer’s concept of operations; and the existing equipment and facilities. This allows us to deliver a complete set of capabilities that meets the unique requirements of each customer.

When it comes to designing the most effective security solutions possible, Raytheon uses all of the expertise at its disposal. This means harnessing all of its own advanced technological know-how — and partnering with our customers and experienced teammates in the security field. As an integrator, Raytheon employs equipment and software solutions that are best suited to meet our customer’s specific security requirement. We are not tied to equipment from any particular supplier, including ourselves. The integrator’s responsibility — our responsibility — is to provide the customer with the best set of solutions within cost and support the defined parameters.

On one particular large-scale border security project, for example, Raytheon led an integrated team of 30 major subcontractors over the course of six years. Working hand in hand, Raytheon successfully executed a $1.4 billion program from concept through procurement, including installation, integration, testing and logistical support.

Raytheon also has led border and asset protection efforts all over the globe, including South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. We are currently upgrading the security perimeter of New York City’s four major airports.

Raytheon isn’t designing border and infrastructure security solutions that only work short-term. Our involvement extends well into the future. Through ongoing maintenance, support and training, we’re able to keep the threat profile current — and everyone proficient on the system — decades into the future. This type of modernization path ensures that the customer is always receiving the latest security techniques and best practices.