RTI NG Pro® is a key enabling technology of the HLA in commercial and defense simulation programs today. RTI NG Pro facilitates interoperability and reuse, while supporting the full range of simulation needs, including:

  • training,
  • analysis,
  • test and evaluation,
  • Simulation-Based Acquisition (SBA)

Runtime Infrastructure (RTI) is a crucial component in implementing the High-Level Architecture (HLA), the DoD and IEEE 1516 standard communication protocol for distributed simulation. HLA allows simulation components developed independently and running separately to interoperate in a common, synthetic environment to achieve a common purpose.

  • RTI NG Pro is the only RTI compliance-verified to both the DMSO and IEEE 1516 specification.
  • RTI NG Pro supports a wide variety of platforms and compilers and has a proven history of support for different platforms used throughout the M&S community.
  • RTI NG Pro provides continuation, improvement and advancement of the most widely distributed and most widely used RTI implementation, with an extremely easy migration path and commercial support.