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Responder™ is a family of sensor solutions featuring a modular design architecture and backed by flexible business processes tailored to match sensor to mission for rapidly evolving tactical and strategic needs.

Raytheon is providing a spectrum of innovative technologies that build on its proven success in the emerging “launch-on-demand” market. These next-generation space solutions mark a shift to smaller, less expensive satellites that enable the mission operator to strike a balance between long-term, strategic space assets that can take years to develop and on-demand tactical solutions—tailored for special mission requirements—that can be turned around in months. With the successful delivery of Mini-RF and ARTEMIS (Advanced Responsive Tactically Effective Military Imaging Spectrometer), Raytheon has proven the feasibility of space assets that can be designed and built rapidly to meet an immediate need.

The entire Responder™ system is built on a common, adaptable architecture that offers two classes of front-end sensing—electro-optical (EO) and radio frequency (RF)—to support multiple types of missions.

With Responder,™ Raytheon delivers an end-to-end system for responsive space, built on proven technology and Raytheon innovation. This means there is no need to develop and build new ground stations or additional infrastructure to handle data flow. The Raytheon Responder™ system is engineered to fully integrate with existing space systems infrastructure and other assets currently in use.


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