A powerful, integrated solution that collects, stores, and analyzes digital audio telecommunications, Internet traffic and Voice Over Internet Protocol communications.

Today, your agency is challenged to collect, interpret and respond to increasingly overwhelming amounts of data to keep the public safe. Time is critical and resources are limited, so when it comes to electronic intercept, Redwolf™ is the only choice. Imagine one system that can quickly intercept, gather and process key communications. Imagine being able to identify and respond to threats instantly with the right information at the right time.

Designed to collect audio and data telecommunications, Redwolf is a modular and scalable system that can meet the changing needs of today’s most demanding security operations. Law enforcement agencies that are empowered to legally intercept phone communication, packet data and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can now gather that information and record and store audio inputs from a variety of sources more efficiently, more quickly and more reliably.

Redwolf is an integrated solution that is designed to meet the operational needs of agencies that are empowered to capture and analyze intelligence information from intercepted telephone, wireless phone,microphone, packet data, and VoIP communications.



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