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April 2010 - Apps That Answer Military Needs (Defense News)


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Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS)











RATS 2.0: Provides real-time situational awareness, collaboration for first responders and warfighters

Provides mobile users the ability to make mission critical decisions in seconds and minutes, rather than hours

Raytheon Advanced Tactical System 2.0 (RATS) facilitates collaboration and is designed to break down-barriers to information-sharing by enabling users to quickly access critical situational awareness data from anywhere at any time. Regardless of where users are, RATS 2.0 helps create an accurate and dynamic picture of what is happening, and what is needed to make critical decisions in seconds and minutes, rather than hours.

RATS 2.0 is specifically for mobile devices and provides these interactive features:

  • Texting/secure chat
  • Video and photo-sharing
  • Buddy tracking
  • Bi-directional network database providing access to other data sources, such as DCGS; Terrorist Watch List (for Border Patrol), critical databases (search and rescue), etc.
  • Multiple communications paths via 3G, 4G, WiFi, and tactical military radios

How does it work?

RATS 2.0 leverages the Android™ mobile platform to bring ISR and geospatial visualization data to the tactical edge. Its secure Android-based situational awareness solution provides common operating picture data that supports a broad range of users’ missions (i.e. warfighters at the tactical edge, search and rescue first responders, law enforcement and special operations).

RATS 2.0 is a low-cost solution for information sharing via mobile terminals. This cost-saving device requires very little instruction and is ready for almost immediate use.

Licenses are available for shipping with configurations starting at 20 devices per server and up. Custom integration services are also available.

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  • Real-Time Situational Awareness (SA)
  • Intelligence Collaboration
  • Interactive communication for information sharing and collaboration
  • Access to back-end databases and UAV feed
  • Remote Intelligence Information Access
  • Secure Chat with attachments (photo, video, or map overlays); Individual or group chat
  • Secure Framework that protects Data At Rest as well as Data In Transit
  • Mobile Client Maps providing mobile user SA and overlay display capabilities
  • Buddy Tracking / Blue Force Tracker providing mobile locations during a mission.
  • Newsfeed which displays the latest chat, alerts, data sharing ops
  • FMV (Full Motion Video)
  • Image annotation
  • SALUTE  Reporting
  • Runs on Android OS 4.0 or higher; phone or tablet
  • Field deployable HUB server; laptop or other small form factor providing server-side C2 geospatial interaction capabilities with mobile clients

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