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Pyros (Small Tactical Munition)


Pyros offers the warfighter lightweight, powerful precision

Pyros® is our smallest air-launched bomb, specially designed for unmanned aircraft systems. It is lightweight, and has a high degree of maneuverability. At only 13-pounds (6 kg) and 22-inches (55 cm) long, Pyros is ideally suited for applications where weight is a critical factor, such as unmanned aircraft, rotary-wing scout platforms and light attack aircraft.

Raytheon Pyros Small Tactical Munition Warhead Flight Test. Play Video

Raytheon Pyros Small Tactical Munition Warhead Flight Test.

The advanced warhead of Pyros uses an advanced semi-active laser seeker to precisely engage targets while significantly reducing the risk of collateral damage.

There are three choices for guiding the weapon to the target: GPS coordinates, inertial navigation or laser designation. To maximize kinetic effects and lethality, there are also three options for engaging the target: height-of-burst, point-of-impact or fuze-delay detonation.

"The warfighter needs a lightweight, powerful, precision weapon that is designed specifically for the UAS platform. Pyros is the ideal solution." said Tom Bussing, Raytheon's vice president of Advanced Missile Systems.

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