Businesses NCS - SIS PCM ImageAdvanced Cryptographic Technology

The PCM is a programmable cryptographic module ideal for embedded applications that require minimal size, weight and power, but still meets the highest level of information security — NSA Type 1 Certification.  The PCM was designed  to be crypto-modern; compatible with legacy algorithms yet programmable for future applications.  The design features the NSA Certified SafeXcel-185A (formerly called the MYK-185A) processor, which incorporates fully redundant ARM processors with real-time alarm and integrity checking. The PCM offers a variety of hardware-assisted cryptographic algorithms for both Suite A and Suite B supporting U.S. Government, NATO and coalition operation.


  • Crypto Modernization of Legacy Equipment
  • Handheld Radios
  • Manpack Link Devices
  • Unmanned Platforms
  • Embedded Wireless
  • Key Management


  • High-grade, high-assurance protection of voice and data from unclassified up to Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS-SCI)
  • Operation in Suite A and Suite B modes to support a wide range of applications spanning government, commercial, and foreign interoperable markets
  • Crypto-modern design that supports all tenets of NSA 3-9
  • 32-bit general purpose I/O with interrupt control
  • Separate Red and Black CPU host busses for system interfaces
  • Dedicated DS-101/102 key fill and EKMS interfaces
  • Software field-upgradeable using authenticated process
  • Capable of running user-defined software to support system operations
  • Type 1 hardware randomizer ensures highest level of security
  • Number of independent channels is hardware and algorithm dependent.
  • Multi-Level capable dependent on system application

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