Raytheon Vision Systems offers a variety of Avalanche Photodiode (APD) arrays and Chip Based Ladar/Laser Receivers in both standard and custom configurations. Ladar receiver chips can be configured with a variety of detector choices including: Silicon PINs for visible (0.4 – 1 micron) applications, HgCdTe or InGaAs PIN and APD detectors for NIR (1 - 1.7 micron) and HgCdTe APDs for SWIR (1 – 2 microns) and MWIR (2 - 5 microns) applications. Receiver chips can be provided in rugged TEC packages for operation across the Mil-Spec temperature range. PC/FPGA based electronics can be provided on request to operate the chip and acquire, display and process range and intensity images.


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