Unify ServicesUnify™ provides centralized support services for your mission critical operations. It’s a strategic approach to bring together distributed mission environments that drives performance and significant cost saving.

Unify offers the following capabilities:

  • Unify-Service Center: Centrally manage, operate, monitor, secure and maintain your multisite operations, from a service center located anywhere in the world. Unify implementations include both contractor-owned, contractor-operated (COCO) and government-owned, contractor- operated (GOCO) models.
  • Unify-Access: Fully interoperable and real-time access to multiple sites, systems, and infrastructures. Our solution offers high-speed access with low-bandwidth utilization, ensuring a highly effective system for remote support.
  • Unify-Solutions: Flexible engineering solutions, tailored to your mission needs and processes. Leveraging existing investments, we use a non-proprietary, vendor- neutral approach to deliver a fully integrated solution.

Mission Value, from a Mission Perspective

Raytheon brings decades of experience supporting nationally critical, high-consequence missions. This in-depth knowledge allows us to go beyond traditional IT services for truly mission driven solutions.

  • Low risk to ongoing mission operations: We bring a structured approach for transition and change management based on best practices and lessons learned. Our approach provides sustainment aligned to mission objectives, and most importantly, no disruption to ongoing mission operations during implementation.
  • Centralize for significant cost savings: Unify adapts to your existing infrastructure, reduces infrastructure and asset costs, and optimizes staffing resources.

As an example of success using our Unify approach, we reduced system maintainers by 28 percent for a customer with global operations, resulting in millions of dollars in annual savings and no impact to mission performance.


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