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Operations, Maintenance and Sustainment

Operations, Maintenance and Sustainment

A global leader in delivering innovative and efficient mission solutions

Systems operations, maintenance and sustainment form the keystone of every critical mission. That's why Raytheon is the government's trusted partner for delivering effective, reliable solutions.

Our innovative approaches, proven tools and cutting-edge technologies optimize limited resources, achieve operational improvements and accomplish mission success.


Robust portfolio of operations, maintenance and sustainment capabilities

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

IT Infrastructure: Adaptable, reliable and highly secured infrastructure services

Mission Systems: Dependable 24/7 real-time operational support in mission critical environments

Facilities Management: Reliable end-to-end services at specialized government sites

COTS Lifecycle Management: Process-centered and disciplined approach for reducing total cost of ownership

Innovation and Technology Infusion

Complex Data Systems: Deliver meaningful information quickly, effectively and securely

Domain-specific expertise: World-class expertise in remote sensing technologies

Our Customers

Raytheon provides assured mission performance to civil, defense and intelligence agencies.

Civil Security

Department of Homeland Security

In support of border management missions, we helped the Department of Homeland Security modernize and integrate information processing systems.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

We helped the FBI develop and deploy N-DEx, a national law enforcement information-sharing system enabling local, state, federal and tribal agencies to "connect the dots" and work together to quickly respond to threats.

Case study

Fire Department of New York

Raytheon is delivering a state-of-the-art wireless system designed to modernize the magnetic whiteboards used by the FDNY at emergency incidents.

Case study

Civil Space and Environmental

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

We are helping NASA JPL meet its science and data system challenges.

National Weather Service

We manage the operations, maintenance and evolution of AWIPS, leveraging service-oriented architecture and open source software to improve the National Weather Service's ability analyze and disseminate weather data.

AWIPS Site | Case study


Raytheon developed and continues to manage one of the largest non-classified data system in the world, collecting unprecedented volumes of data to aid NASA in its understanding of the Earth climate processes.

Case study

Defense and Intelligence

Intelligence Community

Raytheon processes more real-time intelligence data than anyone—three times the amount of data in the Library of Congress daily—to support critical missions.

Defense Finance and Accounting Service

Raytheon helped DFAS achieve more than $38 million in bottom-line savings and more than $500 million in cost avoidance in the first three years of deploying Lean Six Sigma.


Press Releases

January 23, 2012 - Raytheon Upgrades National Weather Service Forecasting System

October 4, 2011 - Raytheon Achieves ISO Recertification For Critical NWS Forecast and Warning Program

July 25, 2011 - Raytheon and FBI Complete National Data Exchange To Help Fight Crime and Terrorism

June 28, 2011 - Raytheon Triples Bandwidth on National Weather Services' Satellite Broadcast Network

News Coverage

N-DEx Developments Leverage Technology to Deliver Critical Investigative Information to the Criminal Justice Community (Police Chief)

Raytheon Debuts AWIPS II Weather System (Defense Daily)

Raytheon Completes Satellite Bandwidth Upgrade to U.S. National Weather Service (Satellite Today)

Public-private information sharing in wake of 9/11 (FedsNewsRadio)

FBI crime info sharing advances (UPI)

FBI Data Exchange System Now Fully Operational (InformationWeek)

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Innovative Approaches

Unify™ Services
Centralized support services for global, mission-critical operations

PWER Processes
Integrated suite of processes

Results-based Cost Model
Innovative model to enable better investment decisions

Business Excellence
ISO, ITIL, and CMMI L3 certified processes resulting in 4% - 10% per year cost reductions on multiple programs

Featured Case Studies

Information Sharing for the FBI

Operations and Maintenance for National Weather Service

High Performance Computing for NASA

Incident Command for FDNY



Contract Vehicles

PWER™ Tools and Processes

Proven Worldwide Execution at Raytheon (PWER) is Raytheon's integrated suite of processes and tools, matured through reuse and best practices from successful program applications.

Initiation and Design

  • PWER Business Process Reengineering: Program design, process analysis and
  • workload optimization using industry best practices such as Raytheon Six Sigma™


  • PWER Contract Transition: Program initiation and start-up process
  • PWER Workforce Transition: Recruitment, placement and re-badging of incumbent employees


  • PWER Performance: Tailored, ITIL-based approach certified under CMMI for Services and ISO
  • PWER Engineering & Maintenance Tool Suite: Fully integrated set of vendor-neutral, collaborative maintenance and engineering tools
  • PWER Program Dashboard: Web-based portal providing key financial, risk and performance metrics
  • PWER Risk Management Process: Integrated approach to risk and opportunity management
  • PWER Task Order Management: Proven approach to IDIQs and task order-based programs

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Results-based Cost Model

With activity-based costing as a foundation, Raytheon's Results-based Cost Model uses a different approach in measuring costs. Tracing O&M and sustainment services directly to specific, measurable mission results, our Results-based Cost Model can help government agencies make informed decisions and answer the following key questions:

  • Which O&M services can be improved to maximize mission value?
  • What do mission products and services really cost?
  • Which customers or products are most costly?
  • Which processes or activities provided the most value (highest contribution for the lowest cost)?

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This innovative model allows government agencies to tie products and services back to their mission value and costs. This enables better investment decisions.

Unify™ Services Approach

Unify™ provides centralized support services for your mission critical operations. It’s a strategic approach to bring together distributed mission environments that drives performance and significant cost saving.

Unify offers the following capabilities:

  • Unify-Service Center: Centrally manage, operate, monitor, secure and maintain your multisite operations, from a service center located anywhere in the world. Unify implementations include both contractor-owned, contractor-operated (COCO) and government-owned, contractor- operated (GOCO) models.
  • Unify-Access: Fully interoperable and real-time access to multiple sites, systems, and infrastructures. Our solution offers high-speed access with low-bandwidth utilization, ensuring a highly effective system for remote support.
  • Unify-Solutions: Flexible engineering solutions, tailored to your mission needs and processes. Leveraging existing investments, we use a non-proprietary, vendor- neutral approach to deliver a fully integrated solution.

Mission Value, from a Mission Perspective

Raytheon brings decades of experience supporting nationally critical, high-consequence missions. This in-depth knowledge allows us to go beyond traditional IT services for truly mission driven solutions.

  • Low risk to ongoing mission operations: We bring a structured approach for transition and change management based on best practices and lessons learned. Our approach provides sustainment aligned to mission objectives, and most importantly, no disruption to ongoing mission operations during implementation.
  • Centralize for significant cost savings: Unify adapts to your existing infrastructure, reduces infrastructure and asset costs, and optimizes staffing resources.

As an example of success using our Unify approach, we reduced system maintainers by 28 percent for a customer with global operations, resulting in millions of dollars in annual savings and no impact to mission performance.

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