The NXU uses radio over Internet protocol (RoIP) and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology to send and receive digital voice messages.

It is intended for use with radios, radio communication consoles, and other Raytheon products such as the ACU product line and the SNV-12 Signal and Noise Voter. A key advantage of the NXU is that it creates an extremely low cost, flexible radio communications network all while using existing network infrastructure eliminating the need for leased lines and microwave sites.

NXU Benefits/Features:

  • Enables the formulation of low cost, extremely flexible radio communications networks
  • Multiplexes voice audio and data over a standard Ethernet network
  • Uses existing network infrastructure eliminating the need for leased lines and microwave sites
  • Eliminates the requirement for pilot tones and other inband signaling
  • Facilitates centralized control of a communications network from a single computer
  • An upgraded version of the popular NXU-2, the NXU-2A offers enhancements including adjustable transmit and receive audio delay, VMR COR Type, SNMP support, connectionless mode (WAIS), multicast mode, factory reset, and QoS Support of DSCP
  • Fully compatible with our ACU DSP-2 modules and PCNXU RoIP technologies


NXU-2A Datasheet

NXU-2A Manual


Software Downloads

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NXU-2: Setup Utility
NXU-2: Software Upgrade v.3.01
NXU-2A: Software Upgrade v.1.05
PCNXU Software


Application Notes
Applicable to the NXU-2A and NXU-2

NXU Bandwidth Capabilities

Auxiliary I/O Control Signals over Ethernet

Basestation Site Diversity Using the NXU

Point-to-Multipoint Multicast Communications

RoIP Link to Eliminate Voice-Grade Leased Lines

Use of Mesh Networks with the NXU

NXU to Help Migrate to New Radio System

RS-232 Control of Devices over Ethernet


White Paper
Applicable to the NXU-2A and NXU-2

RoIP vs. VoIP solutions


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