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Mission Protection
Evolving threats and changing security needs require flexible defense, and the Naval and Area Mission Defense product line offers a complete family of mission solutions for ship defense, land defense and infrastructure protection.

Learn how Raytheon systems defend against land, sea and air threats. 

We have one goal: Mission Protection.

You have demanding needs. We can meet them. Our products, technology and the people behind them make us the preferred provider of mission defense systems and the leader in naval air defense.

Raytheon’s layered defense Systems

Raytheon's layered defense systems protect from close, medium and long range threats

Integrated Layered Defense
We protect local to large areas with the force needed to defend the mission. Our weapons systems deal with threats that change based on where assets and missions are located — blue water, coastal areas, waterside and land. Raytheon designs multiple layers of defense and overlaps those layers to provide the broadest possible defense. These layers deter threats, mitigate vulnerabilities and minimize the consequences of attacks.

Our weapons systems feature:

  • Sensors: Using radar, infrared, electro-optical and other types of sensors to provide accurate data to identify and engage threats quickly and effectively.
  • Command and Control: Tracking, assessment and weapon engagement decisions must be made quickly from the time of detection. Raytheon’s solutions are designed to provide multi-sensor integration for:
    • Enhanced situational awareness.
    • Expedited detect-to-engage sequences.
    • Identification and evaluation of threats.
    • Readiness assessment.
    • Execution of specific tactical procedures.
  • Effectors: Employing a suite of lethal and nonlethal self-defense weapons systems meets threats at multiple stages of engagement.

Our layered defense systems comprise

Design, Development, Mission Support
Your protection system will be designed to adapt to changing threats. We run ongoing simulations to analyze strengths and weaknesses, test complex scenarios, and meet your urgent needs quickly and cost-effectively. Our solutions are modular and flexible; making it easy to add new features with little impact to existing infrastructure.


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