The  MYK-85  Key Management Unit cryptographic engine performs Type 1 and Type 3 data encryption and decryption, Type 1 Hash, commercial hash (SHA-1), key generation and exchanges, and other associated cryptographic functions.

Designed and programmed by SIS, the MYK-85 features a complete 32-bit RISC-based cryptographic processor.

The Type 1 government encryption/decryption algorithm, called “Baton”—as well as DES and Triple DES—are in hardware. The MYK-85 also implements NIST Digital Signature and Secure Hash Standards.


  • Full security evaluation
  • 0.5 micron technology, 3.3 V CMOS
  • Randomizer Government-approved for Type 1 applications
  • ROM storage of all unclassified math functions and algorithm software
  • SHA-1 and Type 1 hash
  • Battery-backed RAM for storage of a unique serial number
  • Baton Accelerator (Type 1)
  • Triple DES; DES Accelerator
  • DS-101 interface
  • 32-bit RISC bus interface
  • 8-bit multiplexed address/data bus interface
  • In-circuit emulator (ICE) interface
  • Timekeeper interface

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