Businesses NCS - SIS MYK42 ImageExortable Command Link Decryptor for Commercial Satellite Systems

Pin-for-Pin Compatibility with Caribou and Cardholder

This exportable VLSI microcircuit implements the Centurion algorithm, which safeguards command links in commercial satellite ground and flight components.  Key features include built-in authentication, Electronic Codebook operation mode, and interface compatibility with Caribou and Cardholder units.

  • Exportable commercial algorithm.
  • Command format compatibility with Caribou and Cardholder
  • Telemetry format compatibility with Caribou and Cardholder
  • Continuous data mode format (128 bits)
  • Two command authenticate formats—Ternary and Binary
  • Maximum uplink rate of 20 Mbps (300,000 commands per second)
  • Built-in self test (BIST)
  • Meets QML Class V MIL requirements
  • SCC-qualified QML CMOS gate array manufacturer
  • Radiation hardened for space applications
  • 100K Rad (Si) Total Dose

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