Businesses NCS - SIS MYK185ROOT ImageNSA Certified — Advanced Cryptographic Technology

Ideal for embedded applications that require minimal size, weight and power.

The design features fully redundant ARM processors with real-time alarm and integrity checking.

Hardware-assisted cryptographic algorithms support U.S. Government, NATO, and coalition operations.

Integrated Key Management

To simplify key management, internal battery-backed RAM (BRAM) supports the SafeXcel185A’s integral, secure, and authenticated boot-loading process.

When programmed for Crypto Ignition Key (CIK) operation, the system can be locked when the CIK is not present.


  • Handheld Radios
  • Manpack Link Devices
  • Unmanned Platforms
  • Embedded Wireless
  • Remote Sensing
  • Key Management
  • Personal Authentication


  • Voice and data protection
  • Operation in Suite B modes supports wide-ranging applications encompassing government, civil and international interoperable markets
  • Usable as a coprocessor, I/O processor, key manager or a stand-alone application processor
  • 32-bit general purpose I/O with interrupt control
  • Separate Red and Black CPU host busses for system interfaces
  • Dynamic RAM controller, both Red and Black memory bus, with 64 Mbyte space each
  • Software field-upgradeable using an authenticated process
  • Specialized interface for loading external cryptographic assist processors embodied in FPGAs
  • Hardware randomizer ensures random number generation
  • Easy to embed; Minimal external circuitry required


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