Businesses NCS - SIS MYK14 ImageCommand Uplink Encryptor with Vehicle Simulator/Echo Loop and Decryptor

Exportable for Commercial Satellite Systems

  • Command format compatibility with Caribou and Cardholder
  • Cryptographic compatibility with exportable MYK-42 Centurion microcircuit
  • Bypass function in all operational configurations
  • RS-422 Binary or Ternary PT and CT I/O Ports
  • RS-232C I/O for configuration control and status, plain text and cipher text
  • Key fill interface accepts keys on standard floppy diskettes with full mapping capabilities
  • Control input and status available via computer interface
  • Rack mount design
  • Built-in self test, power transient detection and checkword testing
  • Traffic data interface formats—Ternary and Binary

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