RVS has numerous Hyperspectral and Polarimetric FPA solutions to offer. From 0.5-14.0+ microns, RVS can provide a variety of Hyperspectral Staring InSb or HgCdTe FPA configurations mounted in a Leadless Chip Carrier (LCC) or as an Integrated Dewar Cooler Assembly with Electronics. Standard Hyperspectral configurations include, but are not limited to 256 × 256, 40µm unit cell and 640 × 512, 20µm unit cell.

RVS also offers numerous Polarimetric FPA solutions that provide world class radiometric performance with high extinction ratios. Proven polarization grid patterns attached directly to the detector surface has resulted in outstanding long wave infrared polarization. This capability exists on numerous LWIR Configurations, including a 256 × 256, 30µm unit cell FPA. RVS continues to improve the grid patterning technology, which now allows Raytheon to provide a MWIR polarization solution with Visible


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