The Light Thermal Weapon Sight (LTWS) is the lightest qualified thermal sight available for today's warfighter.

Weighing only three pounds, the Light Thermal Weapon Sight (LTWS) is one of the lightest thermal sights available to today's warfighter. The LTWS is based on the combat-proven technology that drives Raytheon's successfully fielded line of thermal imaging products. The LTWS has completed the U.S. Army's initial operational test and evaluation.

The compact design and light weight of the LTWS make it ideal for use as both a hand-held thermal imager and a rifle-mounted sight. Because it emits neither light nor RF energy, its use cannot be detected. It can be used round-the-clock, since ambient light is not required for its operation.

The LTWS features a 2-to-1 electronic zoom, a liquid crystal display (LCD) and an eyecup-activated stand-by mode for power conservation. The system is powered by AA batteries.