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Laser Solutions

Laser Solutions

Innovation in Solid State Lasers

50 years since Raytheon (Hughes Research Labs) built the world�s first working laser, Raytheon is still an industry leader in developing mission solutions based on laser technology.

  • We produced the first laser rangefinder, the first laser target designator and the first production military LADAR.
  • To date, we have produced more than 50,000 military lasers, which have been actively deployed across multiple military programs.
  • Our ATFLIR pod, a high-production laser-based targeting/rangefinder with more than one million operational flight hours, allows U.S. Navy F/A-18 pilots to launch precision munitions from safe stand-off ranges

High Energy Output in a Compact Design

Raytheon provides High Energy Laser weapon systems for sea, land and air applications. These laser devices will defend against enemy missiles, mortars, swarming boat attacks and other �close-in� defense situations.

Raytheon�s High Energy Laser systems use a proprietary solid state Planar Waveguide structure that generates high power output in a small, compact and inherently rugged design. Featuring modular, scalable designs, Raytheon�s HEL devices can be integrated readily on a variety of manned and unmanned airborne, shipboard, ground-mobile and ground-based platforms.

Features and benefits of the Raytheon PWG architecture include:

  • Single aperture optical design; no beam combining or complicated optical elements are used
  • High beam quality (projected to reach 1.2 DL) and efficiency (>38%)
  • High survivability, rugged design with straightforward scalability to higher output power
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Efficient heat removal and thermal management
  • Modular, low maintenance design with no hazardous chemicals

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