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Laser Solutions

Laser Solutions

Innovation in Solid State Lasers

50 years since Raytheon (Hughes Research Labs) built the world's first working laser, Raytheon is still an industry leader in developing mission solutions based on laser technology.

  • We produced the first laser rangefinder, the first laser target designator and the first production military LADAR.
  • To date, we have produced more than 50,000 military lasers, which have been actively deployed across multiple military programs.
  • Our ATFLIR pod, a high-production laser-based targeting/rangefinder with more than one million operational flight hours, allows U.S. Navy F/A-18 pilots to launch precision munitions from safe stand-off ranges

High Energy Output in a Compact Design

Raytheon provides High Energy Laser weapon systems for sea, land and air applications. These laser devices will defend against enemy missiles, mortars, swarming boat attacks and other "close-in" defense situations.

Raytheon's High Energy Laser systems use a proprietary solid state Planar Waveguide structure that generates high power output in a small, compact and inherently rugged design. Featuring modular, scalable designs, Raytheon's HEL devices can be integrated readily on a variety of manned and unmanned airborne, shipboard, ground-mobile and ground-based platforms.

Features and benefits of the Raytheon PWG architecture include:

  • Single aperture optical design; no beam combining or complicated optical elements are used
  • High beam quality (projected to reach 1.2 DL) and efficiency (>38%)
  • High survivability, rugged design with straightforward scalability to higher output power
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Efficient heat removal and thermal management
  • Modular, low maintenance design with no hazardous chemicals

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