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Extensive Laboratory Resources
As an established industry leader in the aerospace, defense and commercial electronics sectors, Raytheon can place a wealth of advanced technical resources at our customers’ disposal. Our analysis and test labs meet the exceptionally high standards required to support our nation’s most important satellites, ISR aircraft and defense capabilities.

Our labs offer customers the same broad range of testing, analysis, design and development services that we use to produce Raytheon’s most critical products. From our 100-class space high-bay clean room to our scanning electron microscopes, our world-class facilities and precision equipment provide an ideal environment for testing advanced technologies.

High-Tech Expertise at Your Service
Our seasoned engineering professionals have designed and developed some of the most sophisticated technology in use today. We enable customers to fast-track their projects by leveraging more than 50 years of Raytheon research and production experience. Offering demonstrated expertise, a highly skilled team and state-of-the-art facilities, we deliver essential services to support our customers’ success.

United States map showing Raytheon lab locationsLocations Nationwide
An extensive range of capabilities and engineering consulting services is available from Raytheon laboratory facilities across the United States. Our expert staff and industry-leading technology are ready to assist you with projects of all sizes, from the simplest to the most complex.

Full Spectrum Capabilities and Services
A wide variety of industries and applications rely on Raytheon’s laboratory facilities and analytical services. Areas of expertise include research, development, automotive, medical, space, telecommunications, satellites and durable goods, to cite a few.

Raytheon coordinates the laboratory facilities and specialists required to deliver the most effective solution. We offer the convenience of one reliable source for these and other laboratory, analysis, test and engineering consulting services:

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