KI55 ImageComplete TT&C  Security Solution 

General-Purpose AVE for simultaneous authenticated command uplink decryption and mission/telemetry downlink encryption

This Type 1 TT&C provides both Uplink and Downlink COMSEC protection in a single compact unit.

Features available for the first time in a space crypto solution:

  • Multiple cryptographic modes and flexible synchronization logic support many mission profiles and CONOPS
  • GCM cryptographic mode supports variable length authenticated commands up to 32k bytes in length
  • Integrity verification downlink option is  ideal for tactical applications, such as UHF radios
  • Multiple, independent authentic¬ated command channels enable direct payload or satellite tasking from tactical and/or multiple users, independent of each other
  • Highly integrated single chip solution for both command uplink and data downlink  reduces footprint
  • Unclassified design releasable for high risk-of-loss environments and coalition partners

Additional Advantages:

  • Protects data through TS/SCI
  • Interoperable with KIV-7M, Enhanced Suite B Gryphon GOE
  • Miniaturized AVE is an ideal choice for SmallSet, NanoSat, and CubeSat
  • Over-the-Air Rekey (OTAR) capability to extend mission service life and allow dynamic crypto net management

Key Specifications

Uplink Algorithm

  • AES-256 (NIST FIPS-197)_Modes: GCM, ECB, CTR, and CFB
  • Authenticated Command Modes: GCM and ECB with VCC (Vehicle Command Count)

Downlink Encryptor Algorithm

  • Fail-Safe Redundant AES-256_Modes:  GCM, CTR, and CFB
  • Random number generator (RNG) for initial vector generation

Over-the-Air Rekey (OTAR)

  • AES-256 ECB per KMI 3240 Key Wrap Spec
  • In-band or in-flight transferring of black key

More About KI-55

  • For more information about KI-55, please call (310) 533-8100