System Control and Monitoring

  • Process logic controller (PLC) based safety control and monitoring interlock system provides fail-safe protection of payload and critical hardware (valves, pumps, sensor, relays, etc.)
  • LabVIEW/Windows operating software monitors and logs environmental conditions (temperature, pressure) with 80 user-defined TC channels
  • Critical equipment on UPS and/or backup generator
  • Residual gas analyzer (RGA) monitors and logs gas partial pressure information; PC-based

E4 Thermal Vacuum Chamber

  • Top-loading vertically oriented chamber
  • 9 feet ID x 13 feet H with fully shrouded dimensions of 8 feet 2 inches ID x 8 feet 5 inches
  • Three 12 inch and four 8 inch ISO ports for user-defined electrical and mechanical feedthroughs
  • 20 inch interface port
  • Pneumatically isolated from facility with 1.5- to 3-Hz isolation system

Environmental Control (Vacuum and Thermal)

  • Ultimate vacuum: low 10-7 torr
  • Operating temperature range: –185°C min, 110°C max (bakeout), controllable within 2°C from –20°C to 50°C
  • Internal surfaces painted with high emissivity (>0.9)
  • Five auxiliary LN2 and GN2 supply circuits for user-defined applications


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