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Iron Dome

Iron Dome Weapon System

Defense Against Rockets, Artillery and Mortars.

The Iron Dome Weapon System is a defense solution that works to detect, assess, and intercept incoming rockets, artillery and mortars. The Tamir missile is Iron Dome's combat proven interceptor that strikes down incoming threats launched from ranges of 4 – 70km. The highly effective system is deployed today in Israel providing day and night protection.

The only operational interceptor solution for countering rockets, artillery, and mortars (CRAM) available for U.S. and Coalition partners, the Iron Dome Weapon System and Tamir interceptor have over 1000 successful intercepts since 2011.

The Iron Dome Weapon System is an effective and affordable defense solution. It assesses a threat based on its trajectory to determine the expected target area. If the attack poses danger to an occupied area, the Tamir missile intercepts it, while allowing off-target threats to detonate in unoccupied areas. This cost-effective approach minimizes unnecessary interceptor launches.

The system is effective in all weather conditions, including low clouds, rain, dust storms and fog. A single launcher can protect a medium-size city.

In September 2014, Raytheon received a contract award from Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. valued at $149.3 million to provide products for the Tamir interceptor used in the defensive Iron Dome Weapon System.

The Iron Dome Weapon System is a key part of Israeli multi-layered defense and provides the lowest layer of Israel's Multi-Layered Air & Missile Defense umbrella. The co-production of Tamir will be critical to ensuring adequate supply quantities for Israel's Defense.


  • Combat proven and cost-effective
  • Day/night and all-weather capable
  • Defense against numerous, simultaneous threats
  • 85% intercept rate
  • Limits collateral damage

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