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INTEROP � 7000™ Suite

INTEROP � 7000� Suite

Raytheon's INTEROP-7000 sets a new standard for interoperability among voice communication devices, allowing the user to link any combination of analog and P25 Land Mobile Radios, 3G/4G/LTE handsets, and landline, satellite or SIP phones.

Raytheon's INTEROP-7000 will directly interface native IP sources such as VoIP, RoIP or ISSI. Analog devices such as LMR radio or landline phones are controlled and connected by the server through the use of Raytheon interoperability devices including Raytheon's ACU-5000™, NCU-4™ multi-channel gateways, and single-radio ARA-1™ and NXU-2A™ units.

INTEROP-7000 Benefits/Features:

  • ISSI interface provides a direct IP connection to one or more P25 LMR systems
  • Provides an easily controlled, cost effective upgrade path to P25 and LTE communications by providing links between existing and upgraded devices
  • Designed with radio communications in mind; can control, prioritize and accurately flow a mix of full-duplex and half-duplex channels
  • Mobile applications for PCs and Smartphones allow user controlled collaboration links
  • Not a forklift upgrade � users of various system types can talk with each other, all using their current communications devices
  • The ability to share video, still images, maps, data and documents among users will be available in a future release

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