Customer Benefits

Enhance collaboration horizontally across Federal agencies and vertically at the state, local and tribal levels

Leverage existing databases, technology platforms and agency protocols to enable collaboration without operational disruptions

Implement secure systems, including insider threat solutions, to ensure the privacy and security of information

Gather more comprehensive information from a variety of sources in real-time, improving decision-making and operational planning


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Complete the Picture and Deliver Collaborative Success

Raytheon’s information sharing capabilities steps up to the challenge of delivering systems that meet the needs of the federal agencies of the 21st century. Our solutions enable government agencies and departments to share information without compromising security, deliver data to the edge while controlling access, and provide complex information in a format decision-makers can use.

Security and Privacy

Raytheon works with its customers to meet stringent system security requirements and safeguard personal information in every step of the process.

Governance and Technology

Our proven approach ensures change management and governance are part of the solution, and operational processes are in synch with new technology rollouts to deliver sustainable improvements.

Experience that Delivers

With our experience and success in implementing technology, governance and security requirements, Raytheon is the U.S. government’s proven, reliable system integrator for information sharing programs. We know how to address the challenges, leverage innovative technology, and implement solutions that enable agencies to coordinate and collaborate.

Results Delivered

N-DEx: Sharing Critical Information to Fight Crime and Terrorism on a National Scale
Raytheon is helping the Criminal Justice Information Services Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to put powerful yet simple-to-use information sharing capabilities in the hands of law enforcement agencies nationwide.



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