Today’s global economies demand smooth movement for legitimate international travelers and robust systems to detect and prevent terrorist acts. Travelers demand safe and efficient international travel, while governments are required to secure borders.

Raytheon’s Immigration Control and Identity Management solutions, known collectively as the Portera™ Suite of Systems, increase security while protecting civil liberties and personal privacy. These systems facilitate entry of legitimate visitors, immigrants, and trading partners, and deter those who would attempt to enter illegally.

Included in the Portera™ Suite of Systems are:

  • Portera Gateway™ – Collects and stores electronic travel and biographic data on travelers, performs watchlist matching and disseminates alerts
  • Portera Risk™ – Performs advanced risk assessment on arriving travelers to increase immigration control and facilitate travel
  • Portera Identity™ – Collects, catalogues, and stores biographic and biometric data to establish traveler identity, track traveler history, reduce visa fraud, support trusted traveler programs and enable enhanced watchlist matching
  • Portera Insight™ – Applies advanced analytics to enterprise data to improve targeting models, risk assessment decisions and enterprise effectiveness




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Raytheon Pilots Travel Management System in Estonia
01 Nov 2011

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