Raytheon’s expert resources and dedicated test sites allow HTMS to take on complex systems engineering projects and produce unmatched results. A network of outstanding facilities and a team of highly-skilled professionals stand ready to develop, implement, service, and support highway solutions that meet the most discriminating of customer needs.

Professional Team
Software Development and Maintenance (SDM) Laboratory
Roadway Test Site
Depot Operations

Professional Team

The HTMS professional team offers multidisciplinary capabilities ideally suited to creating and delivering sophisticated toll road solutions. The average staff member has 20 years or more of advanced technology and business experience. Their collective background includes:

Intelligent transportation systems

Commercial vehicle transportation

Electronic systems design and implementation

Large-scale command, control, and communications systems

Design, development, and evaluation of complex integrated systems—including sensors, processors, and communications

Air traffic control

Military air defense systems

Real-time sensor networking and weapon cueing capabilities

Mobile battlefield data networks

Airborne radar

Worldwide conferencing systems


Sonar systems

Hardware platform installation

HTMS managers and engineers offer expertise in:

Large-scale, multi-discipline software programs

Software architectural design

Algorithm and code development

Network architecture

Research and development

Dedicated short-range communications

Vehicle detection and classification

Transponder location

Vehicle to roadside communication

Video processing

Transaction collection and reporting

System engineering

Functional requirements definition

Database design

Electrical and mechanical design

Civil design

Component manufacture, implementation and integration

Large-scale systems integration

Informal in-plant integration testing and formal in-plant system testing

System acceptance

Infrastructure construction and installation

Roadside toll equipment installation

System maintenance

Subcontractor selection and contract negotiation

Program scheduling

Financial and project management

Software Development and Maintenance (SDM) Laboratory

Software is a key factor in successful systems integration. Raytheon’s Fullerton facility is one of a select group of companies worldwide that has a Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Level 5 rating, the highest rating possible. The SEI five-level Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is internationally recognized as the standard for excellence in software engineering process capability. By adhering to a CMM-certified approach, HTMS continuously improves the software process to ensure that projects are well managed and controlled. The result: lower risk to customers.

Roadway Test Site

One of the greatest assets of Raytheon’s integration and test program is the high fidelity Fullerton test site, which ensures an accurate “production like” test environment. System elements are integrated, tested and maintained at the in-plant facility.

Factory acceptance testing includes early preliminary verification of guaranteed performance requirements, and functional verification at the subsystem, system segment, and fully integrated system level.

Depot Operations

With substantial installation and maintenance experience, Raytheon’s Toronto depot operation serves as the HTMS Center of Excellence for roadside installation and maintenance activities.

Raytheon has developed a number of specialized maintenance depot products that enable precise lab testing and equipment calibration. In turn, this precision permits rapid replacement of field equipment, as all items are indexed and pre-aligned. The Raytheon depot facility has a complete test and burn-in facility for all roadside hardware. Before delivery to a toll site, all equipment is thoroughly tested and calibrated in the Toronto depot. Raytheon's depot facilities allow rapid turnaround of equipment and services.

The facility has also developed a custom product line of roadside maintenance tools. These tools allow for realignment of replaced hardware located above the road without having to shut down lanes. Custom installation tools have also been developed to allow the precise tuning of the site, a key factor in the high performance of any ETC system.

In addition, the Toronto facility continues to provide engineering and enhancement services including fault analysis, obsolescence resolution and the monitoring of service provision and upgrades. Raytheon is continually working to improve its product performance and efficiency. The company is actively developing third- and fourth-generation products as well as new maintenance and installation tools and techniques.

The full suite of depot operations includes:

Inventory control, maintenance training and warranty services for roadwise equipment

Complete test facility for all roadside hardware

Camera and VDAC alignment fixtures

Complete burn-in facility for roadside equipment

Design and development of test fixtures for installation and maintenance of roadside equipment

Engineering and enhancement services

Roadside product development

Failure analysis and tracking

Planned obsolescence