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Raytheon Highway Transportation Management Systems (HTMS) provide the world’s most advanced and reliable electronic toll systems.

To meet the complex needs of the highway industry, HTMS draws upon Raytheon’s extensive experience in producing innovative defense and automotive electronics and managing large-scale systems development projects.

HTMS has designed, manufactured, installed, integrated and supported highly successful toll road operations for customers around the world, from the United States and Canada to Chile, Israel and Brazil.

Our engineering staff understands the issues that matter most to those who design and build roads. We work closely with private contractors and government agencies to ensure the delivery of creative, workable solutions that minimize cost and risk while maximizing revenue, ease of use, and overall performance.

The multidisciplinary capabilities of the HTMS professional team are ideally suited to the delivery of sophisticated toll collection systems. Seventy-five percent of those working in HTMS have 19 or more years experience in such areas as mechanical, civil and electrical engineering; computer and software engineering; systems science; transportation systems; network architecture; hardware platform installation; dedicated short-range communications; database development; real-time sensor networking; contract negotiation and project management.

Whether it’s constructing a new toll road, adding a toll capability to an existing road, or upgrading an older toll road system to take advantage of the latest technological advances, HTMS can meet the specifications of the most discriminating customer.