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High Performance Computing Solutions

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Customer Benefits

Highly reliable solutions and services for mission-critical operations

Advance solutions and support services from world-class engineers, technologists and scientists

Cost efficiencies from leveraging industry best practices and proven program management approaches

Extensive experience and expertise to effectively address HPC challenges

Case Studies



High Performance Computing (HPC) is a cornerstone of the government’s and industry’s core ability to meet production and mission goals. HPC demands often outstrip capacity, pushing the technology envelope and driving new requirements for leading-edge solutions. Raytheon recognizes that advanced processing solutions are required to power critical services. We work in partnership with customers to deliver integrated solutions for increasingly complex challenges and mission critical problems.

 Proven Experience
With over 40 years of unparalleled experience in HPC, Raytheon is a world-class provider of high performance computing, systems integration, advanced information technology, and high-fidelity scientific solutions.
 Innovative Solutions
Our tailored solutions provide end-to-end capabilities combining highly qualified technical staff, advanced technical support and best-of-breed products. Raytheon provides advanced solutions to computationally intensive, mission critical applications—from classified defense programs supporting the warfighter to climate modeling and weather forecasting.
 Delivering Results
We work to drive costs down with out-of-the-box thinking, leveraging existing work, minimizing risk and using novel approaches. We treat HPC programs as strategic investments and work with customers to obtain maximum returns.


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