One of the key advantages of distributed simulation resides in the data exchange requirements that drive its operation. The data sets produced to run simulations, communicated across distributed architectures, produce a wealth of information that may be used to provide data analysis and display. When leveraged properly, this data can be instrumental to advancing objectives for which the systems were developed. hlaResults® is a powerful and flexible data collection, playback, and analysis system developed for High-Level Architecture (HLA) and Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocol systems. hlaResults is used across the Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) domains to support a myriad of analysis and display needs, including:

  • Analysis for distributed component integration and test.
  • Data collection, display, and analysis to support distributed training, human performance assessment, and brief/debrief capabilities.
  • Collection, display, and analysis of design and development data for Simulation-Based Acquisition (SBA).

hlaResults can collect and analyze data during execution, then easily play back all or selected portions of a simulation event. Its flexible features allow it to support runtime and post-run data analysis and include a logical, tab-based user interface to guide the user through the data collection, playback planning and execution processes. When used in conjunction with Raytheon’s Command & Simulation Solutions (CSS) suite of interoperability tools, hlaResults unique collection, playback and analysis features provide the user with commanding awareness and versatile utility. Collected data can easily be saved to Microsoft Access, MySQL or Oracle.