Raytheon’s HC-BLOS family of products provides automated troposcatter operation in tropo C and tropo Ku-band, as well as SATCOM operation in C, X, Ku and Ka bands. DART-T (mobile units) and TELOS (tactical, transportable units) are designed to alleviate bandwidth constriction in current tactical networks without increasing operations and maintenance costs normally associated with SATCOM or other line-of-sight solutions.

The Raytheon HC-BLOS troposcatter system provides complementary capabilities and should be considered as part of comprehensive military communications architecture. Antennas range from 8 foot (2.4 meter) to 30 foot (9 meter) in diameter. High wind and tower mounted applications are available.

Troposcatter systems are ideal for first response and restoring emergency communications, major command centers, mobile command posts, offshore communication links, primary communications infrastructure and other mobile and fixed uses.