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Griffin Missile System

small package, precise targeting

Griffin® missile system is an air- and ground-launched, precise, low-collateral-damage weapon for irregular warfare operations.

Raytheon's Griffin Missile showcases multiple capabilities Play Video

Raytheon's Griffin Missile showcases multiple capabilities

Griffin provides the user flexible employment options through a simple, easy-to-operate, graphic user interface. The user can select to guide the weapon precisely to the target using GPS coordinates, inertial navigation or laser designation.

The Griffin missile is a multi-platform, multi-service weapon that has a proven track record for successful rapid integration on land, sea and air assets. The combat proven Griffin AGM-176A is an aft-eject missile designed for employment from platforms such as the C-130 aircraft.

Griffin BGM-176B is a forward-firing missile that launches from rotary-and fixed-wing aircraft, ground-launch applications and maritime platforms. The Griffin air vehicle is 43 inches long, weighs 33 pounds and has a low collateral damage 13-pound warhead. The Griffin missile is currently in production.

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