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GPS & Navigation Systems (GNS)

GPS & Navigation Systems (GNS)

An Industry Leader in Military GPS Solutions

GPS & Navigation Systems (GNS) acts as the Center of Excellence to coordinate military GPS user equipment efforts for Raytheon Company. GNS offers the most advanced military GPS user equipment available, including avionics, high anti-jam systems, integrated GPS/INS navigators, and high performance Selective Availability Anti-Spoof Module (SAASM) receivers.

GNS capabilities include:

  • Front-end system analysis and modeling
  • Design, development, and integration
  • Functional, performance, and environmental testing
  • High-reliability production
  • Depot maintenance
  • World-class test and evaluation facilities

Avionics GPS Systems

Digital Anti-jam Receiver (DAR)

Raytheon's Digital Anti-jam Receiver (DAR) provides the highest possible GPS accuracy and jamming resistance for all combat aviation missions. The DAR ensures robust GPS navigation for the full spectrum of military aviation missions, from precision attack and tactical airlift to unmanned reconnaissance and strike. It represents the most advanced GPS technology available today, combining the latest selective availability anti-spoofing module (SAASM) receiver with the ultimate in digital anti-jam (A/J) technology.

To prevent obsolescence during the host aircraft's service life, the DAR has an upgrade roadmap that includes all anticipated GPS modernization requirements, including M-code, the joint precision approach and landing system (JPALS), and civil airspace compliance.

Miniature Airborne GPS Receiver (MAGR) 2000 and MAGR 2000 SAASM

The MAGR 2000 design is a GPS Receiver Applications Module (GRAM) based open system architecture that is modular in design and incorporates modern electronics. The MAGR 2000 is a form, fit, and function backward compatible replacement of the MAGR, and provides enhancements including improved acquisition and GPS solution performance, all-in-view GPSsatellite tracking and GPS integrity.

MAGR 2000 includes a SAASM upgrade.

High A/J GPS Systems

Anti-jam GPS Receiver (AGR)

Raytheon's Anti-jam GPS Receiver (AGR) supports the Tactical Tomahawk missile program. The AGR is a PPS (i.e., Y-code) GPS receiver that operates on both the L1 and L2 frequencies. When configured with a multi-element Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA), the AGR's post-correlation nulling techniques allow continued satellite track in the presence of high levels of hostile jamming.

The AGR's patented approach to anti-jam also implements satellite beam steering, to further enhance the tracking thresholds, and to mitigate the "spurious nulls" that can degrade the performance of other nulling implementations (e.g., pre-correlation).

The AGR sequentially tracks up to eight visible satellites, and provides high-quality pseudorange/delta pseudorange (PR/DPR) measurements corrected for the effects of selective availability. The Tactical Tomahawk's navigation processor then uses the PR/DR measurements to yield a high-performance navigation solution.

Advanced GPS Inertial Navigation Technology (AGINT)

Raytheon was selected by AFRL to develop an affordable, small, anti-jam GPS receiver system using frequency spatial time adaptive processing (FSTAP). The AGINT design has a multi-element RF front end, digital adaptive A/J filter, and SAASM GPS receiver.

In Phase I, Raytheon demonstrated a breadboard to show the feasibility of the proposed AGINT processing concept and technology.

The Phase II effort developed a brassboard, which is capable of 120 dB of jamming protection against multiple broadband and narrowband jammers, and can provide beamsteering to four separate GPS satellites.

Integrated GPS/INS Systems

GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System (GAINS)

GNS has extensive experience in developing integrated GPS/INS systems.

The GAINS is implemented with an open architecture and modular design such that the system is easily tailorable to individual platform requirements for high accuracy, precise positioning service, and all-weather GPS guidance. GAINS presently provides blended GPS/INS guidance for the EGBU-15 glide bomb, Enhance Paveway-II laser guided bomb, Standard Missile-3 ballistic missile defense programs, Paveway IV Precision Guided Bomb (PGB) program, and the Miniature Air-Launched Decoy (MALD®).

Receiver Module Products

Raytheon Advanced Protection Technology Receiver (RAPToR-III)

The RAPToR common weapon receiver represents the most capable military GPS technology presently available. Features such as 24 channels of simultaneous L1/L2 tracking, patented Direct Measurement Processing (DMP), ultra-t GPS/INS coupling, innovative fast satellite acquisition, and the smallest SAASM device in existence are unique to Raytheon.

Modernized User Equipment (MUE)

GNS has been awarded an MUE Receiver Card development program contract to design the next generation of military GPS receivers. Using advanced microelectronics and breakthroughs in security solutions, the end result of this effort will be a family of high-performance, low cost M-code GPS user equipment.

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