The 88XR Receive Broadcast Manager (RBM) is approved for Global Broadcast System (GBS) use.  This product was developed and qualified under Government Contract. 

  • 2-person lift, 88 lb case, 1 case
  • Two types of 88XR Receive Broadcast Manager: Type I for use with classified broadcasts and Type II for use with unclassified broadcasts.
  • Contract Qualified Receive Suite for GBS program use
  • -25 to 120 degree operational environment up to 95% humidity
  • Displays videos, data, imagery and files from GBS  broadcasts
  • Security accredited to DoD US secret
  • Network standard 802.3 interface
  • 110/220 ac at 60/50 Hz
  • Self operating after setup with next-generation antenna (antenna ordered separately)
  • Provided with transit cases for two person lift
  • No cryptographic equipment or keys provided with equipment
  • Two year warranty
  • Add Next Generation Receive Terminal (NGRT) to create a complete GBS RECEIVE SUITE.  88XR Receive Broadcast Manager needs antenna to receive broadcasts.

Conditions of Sale

Units are available for sale to U.S. government agencies and authorized contractors.  Subscriptions for access to Global Broadcast Service (GBS) broadcast are responsibility of procuring activity.  All units are sold for within Continental United States shipment only.  OCONUS use and or shipment are the responsibility of acquiring activities.  Unit is export controlled.  Not to be sold or access provided to foreign individuals or entities.  Sale subject to approval by GBS Joint Program Office.

FOIA approved 05-S-2322, 30 September 2005

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