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Providing high-speed broadband broadcasts in support of the warfighter.

The Global Broadcast Service leverages commercial direct broadcast satellite technology to deliver critical information to the nation's warfighters. For over a decade, GBS has provided wideband transmission service capable of supporting timely delivery of classified and unclassified data and video products for mission support and theater information transfer. 

The GBS augments overburdened government communications systems to provide information. GBS is a highly agile, extensible and scalable COTS-based system that provides full flexibility to broadcast mission critical data over both military and commercial satellites.  GBS provides world-wide Internet protocol broadcast of real time video, imagery and other data sources across the global information grid to support U.S. forces and government agencies.

Since 2004, Raytheon has delivered over 1700 AN/TSR 8/9/10 and 100 Navy shipboard and submarine GBS Receive Suite variants. Baselines are continually updated to ensure DIACAP compliance for Information Assurance and Vulnerability Assessment, hot fixes, and patches.   Under U.S. Army’s GBS RESET program, Raytheon ingests and refurbishes GBS Transportable Ground Receive Suite worn or damaged during field operations.

As the GBS lead Sustainment Contractor, Raytheon performs 24x7 operations, maintenance, help desk and information assurance support for the world-wide broadcast facilities as well as providing ongoing technical refresh and obsolescence management.

GBS Help Desk

Norfolk Satellite Broadcast Manager (SBM) Helpdesk
757-444-9190 (Commercial)
312-564-9190 (DSN) (NIPRNET)

Wahiawa Satellite Broadcast Manager (SBM) Helpdesk
808-653-5050 (Commercial)
315-453-5050 (DSN) (NIPRNET) (SIPRNET)

Conditions of Sale

Units are available for sale to U.S. government agencies and authorized contractors.  Subscriptions for access to Global Broadcast Service (GBS) broadcast are responsibility of procuring activity.  All units are sold for within Continental United States shipment only.  OCONUS use and or shipment are the responsibility of acquiring activities.  Unit is export controlled.  Not to be sold or access provided to foreign individuals or entities.  Sale subject to approval by GBS Joint Program Office.

FOIA approved 05-S-2322, 30 September 2005.


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