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Fixed Magnification Weapon Sights

Fixed Magnification Weapon Sights

ELCAN Specter® OS3.4x C79

ELCAN Specter OS3.4x
The ELCAN Specter OS3.4x optical weapon sight designated the ELCAN C79 provides superior performance in daylight acquisition, identification and hit accuracy. The optical design provides optimum eye relief, rapid targeting and minimal edge-to-edge distortion. It has shock-protected optics and mount assembly, and incorporates all ballistic corrections. The post reticule with horizontal stadia lines is tritium-illuminated and has been demonstrated in qualification (and more importantly in battle) as the fastest and most accurate targeting solution.

ELCAN Specter® M145

The ELCAN Specter M145
The ELCAN Specter M145 machine gun optic is a fixed power 28mm MGO designed to accurately engage targets out to 1200m. The ELCAN Specter M145 provides the shooter with rapid target acquisition, unmatched light gathering and optimum eye relief for ease of use on high recoil machine guns. The ELCAN Specter M145 weapon sight has proven its effectiveness on a variety of high-powered rifles and machine guns, permitting tracer round and fall of shot to be seen at extended ranges.

ELCAN Specter® OS4x LDS

ELCAN SpecterOS 4x
The ELCAN Specter OS4x lightweight day sight is a military tactical weapon sight desiged for 5.56 NATO standard light arm (e.g. SA80, C7, M4). It is a fixed 4x magnified sight with a field-of-view of 6°. The bright, high resolution 4-power optics provide long-range target identification and precision marksmanship capability out to 800 meters. The ultra-wide viewing angle and unmatched viewing in low-light conditions provide superior situational awareness. The sight is fitted with an illuminated reticle that attracts the eye to the aim point of the sight.

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