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Revolutionary Extended Range Precision Projectile

With more than 900 rounds fired in combat to date, the Excalibur® artillery projectile is the revolutionary, extended range, precision munition for U.S. and international artillery forces.

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The Excalibur® munition–Pinpoint precision tool to eliminate enemy threats

The Excalibur projectile is a true precision weapon, impacting at a radial miss distance of less than two meters from the target. Unlike “near precision” guidance systems, the Excalibur weapon provides accurate first-round effects at all ranges in all weather conditions. This weapon system also extends the reach of .39-caliber artillery to 40 km and .52-caliber artillery to more than 50 km.

By using the Excalibur projectile's level of precision, there is a dramatic reduction in the time, cost and logistical burden associated with other artillery munitions. Analyses have shown that on average, it can take at least 10 conventional munitions to accomplish what one Excalibur weapon can.

The Excalibur munition is compatible with every howitzer with which it’s been tested. This weapon is fully qualified in multiple systems, including the M777, M109 series, M198, the Archer and PzH2000. It’s also compatible with the AS90, K9 and G6 howitzers. Plans are underway to integrate it with other mobile artillery systems.

The Excalibur projectile’s precision, coupled with its ability to be integrated on multiple gun systems, enables both the U.S. and its coalition partners to provide overmatch capabilities against land targets in a variety of combat environments. This includes stationary land targets.

Sweden, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands have chosen the Excalibur precision-guided projectile to address vital security interests, and several other international partners are finalizing procurement plans.

Raytheon is developing a laser-guided version of the projectile, the Excalibur S. This variant incorporates a digital semi-active laser seeker, allowing it to hit moving targets and engage and strike targets without accurate location information. It also reduces the risk associated with GPS jamming.

The latest variant of the Excalibur® precision-guided projectile will be used by armies and be available for naval ships.
The latest variant of the Excalibur® precision-guided projectile will be used by armies and be available for naval ships.

The company is also developing a 5-inch variant, the Excalibur N5 munition. This sea-based projectile is expected to more than double the maximum range of conventional 5-inch munitions and will provide the same accuracy as the land-based version.

The Excalibur precision-guided projectile is co-developed by Raytheon Company and BAE Systems Bofors.

Learn more about Raytheon's Precision Weapons.

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The Excalibur® N5 projectile fired from 5-inch naval gun during testing

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We call it the Excalibur® projectile. Our customers call it true precision.

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