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Revolutionary Precision Projectile

With nearly 750 rounds fired in theater to date, Excalibur® is the revolutionary precision projectile for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps artillery.

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Excalibur: pinpoint precision tool to eliminate enemy threats.

Using GPS precision guidance technology, Excalibur provides accurate, first round effects in any scenario. Excalibur is considered a true precision weapon, impacting at a radial miss distance of less than two meters from the target.

By using Excalibur's level of precision there is a major dramatic reduction in the time, cost and logistical burden traditionally associated with using artillery munitions. Analyses have shown that on average it can take at least 10 conventional munitions to accomplish what one Excalibur can.

Raytheon is developing a laser-guided version of the projectile, the Excalibur S. This variant incorporates a laser spot tracker, allowing it to hit moving targets. The laser guidance system gives the shell protection from GPS jamming.

The company is also developing a sea-based, 5-inch variant, the Excalibur N5. The Excalibur N5 is expected to more than double the maximum range of conventional 5-inch munitions and will provide the same accuracy as the land-based version.

Excalibur is a co-development program between Raytheon and BAE Systems Bofors.

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