For more than three-quarters of a century, the name Raytheon has been synonymous with the world's most advanced electronic systems, unparalleled design innovation, demonstrated engineering excellence and field-proven dependability.

A hallmark of Raytheon's many developments is the thoroughness with which the company tests and evaluates its myriad products and technologies at every step from proof-of-design prototypes to full-scale production.

One of Raytheon's unique testing resources is the Andover Environmental Test Laboratory (ETL), a full-service, state-of-the-art facility staffed by a dedicated, world-class team of test engineers and technicians.

Besides serving the environmental testing needs of Raytheon's own business units, ETL actively strives to build long-term relationships with many external clients, who produce a multitude of systems, subsystems and components for the commercial, defense and aerospace markets.

ETL specializes in performing the industry's most exacting and intensive static, dynamic (vibration, shock, and acceleration) and climatic test procedures, as well as comprehensive failure analysis studies. Moreover, ETL can augment all of its services by leveraging the vast Raytheon network of engineering and failure analysis capabilities.

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