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Environmental Solutions

JPSS CGSFor more than 90 years, Raytheon has helped enable countless missions by remaining committed to a single one: customer success. We deliver innovative environmental solutions across sensing, communications, processing, visualization and decision support solutions and technologies; solutions that quickly and reliably provide forecasters, disaster managers and even our warfighters with accurate land, sea, sky and space environmental information. Read more >>

There are few forces on earth more powerful than the forces of nature. 2012 marked another year of extreme weather, with the latest Superstorm Sandy only adding to the economic loss and property damage resulting from earlier events, including the most destructive wildfire in Colorado’s history; record-breaking temperatures across the nation; and severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in the Midwest.

For more than 40 years, Raytheon’s innovative sensing, communications, processing, visualization and decision support solutions and technologies have provided decision makers and disaster managers with environmental information to solve specific problems such as tracking storm forecasts, climate change, ocean temperature anomalies and atmospheric disturbances.

As extreme weather events become more frequent and severe, Raytheon's environmental solutions, coupled with our company research and technology capabilities, provide a complete source of powerful tools that can help manage the uncertainties about our planet's environment.

Explore Our Capabilities

Raytheon's unseen but unmatched technology is on board satellites, helping scientists predict the weather, monitor our climate and capture images of our planet.

Raytheon is developing sophisticated tools that enable massive amounts of data to be quickly, reliably and accurately collated and analyzed.


Raytheon understands power comes from knowledge. Our systems translate environmental data into meaningful weather and climate information to help predict, monitor and forecast weather and climate changes efficiently and effectively.

Raytheon's environmental solutions and innovative technology capabilities provide a complete source of powerful tools that can help manage the uncertainties of our planet's environment.



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